Author and publicist Rhonda Rees has written a BRILLIANT PUBLIC RELATIONS MANIFESTO that teaches anyone—from the novice to the PR veteran—the “ins and outs” of public relations in 2012. It is a much different landscape today for press and media placement, with the Internet now being at the forefront of it all. Publicists will learn not only the basics from Rees in her book, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations, but also some of the more sophisticated techniques for attracting the attention of the electronic and printed media outlets in the current marketplace. Things have changed a lot in the PR world, and Rees is in step with all these changes. Chapters on ethics and maintaining a reputation with media outlets are especially useful.

—Hal Lifson, Publicist, Entertainment Journalist, Media Consultant, and Author (Hal Lifson’s 1966!)


Profit and Prosper with Public Relations is an excellent primer for anyone who is or wants to work in the field. Rhonda Rees has left no stone unturned, sharing stories and experiences she learned as president of the Publicity Club of Los Angeles (PCLA). Rees also shares many valuable resources, including a CD at the end of the book filled with even more. Perhaps most interesting are Rees’ insights into how public relations has changed—and not changed—over the years with the advent of the Internet, blogs, and reality TV. A MUST READ FOR ANY PROFESSIONAL.

—Jordan McAuley, Founder, Contact Any Celebrity


I have been a media professional for over 20 years, working as a music and entertainment journalist and public relations writer. Hundreds of publicists have hired me to write for them over the years, and I have asked many at different points to explain to me what they do and what makes them good at it. I got puzzle piece answers but never got a full picture—’til now. Written in a casual, easy-to-follow style that includes great personal anecdotes, how-to’s, and bits of humor and charm, Rhonda Rees’ informative new book covers all aspects of the PR business and makes it sound both fascinating and enticing. Chronicling her own history in the field, she also explains the many ways in which emerging technologies have impacted the business. PR is not for the timid or faint of heart, but if one thinks they have what it takes, Rhonda’s book is AN ESSENTIAL PRIMER ABOUT THE NUTS AND BOLTS and so much more.

—Jonathan Widran, Entertainment Journalist and PR Writer


For those of us who still tend to get public relations, publicity, promotion, advertising and marketing all mashed up together, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations (Aseity Press) is an eye-opener. Using many personal stories from her own PR career, Rees shows us how big the field is (200,000 and growing) and how influential it has been and continues to be. Profit and Prosper with Public Relations is STUFFED WITH USEFUL AND GENEROUS CONTENT, and it includes a CD with even more goodies. Author Rees is also quick to point out that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Next time you think of the term “PR,” think of Profit and Prosper with Public Relations by Rhonda Rees.

—Sylvia Cary, MFT, President, Timberlake Press


Profit and Prosper with Public Relations is practical, easy to follow and professional, all at the same time. I really liked the introduction. It gives it a personal touch that is missing from most PR textbooks—one that new and/or young PR men and women can really relate to. As a veteran PR executive and a university instructor of public relations, I feel that Rhonda’s book most successfully shows the real world of PR to those just entering or hoping to enter this special, exciting field of work. Her advice and guidance are realistic and helpful and well worth reading. KEEP IT ON HAND FOR REFERENCE AS YOU LOG IN YOUR YEARS IN PR.

—Richard Tyler, Retired Professor and Associate Vice President, Public Relations, California State University, Northridge; Fellow, Public Relations Society of America


Whether you are an author with a book to promote, a business owner, organization leader or you work for a company in the public relations department, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations is for you. STUDYING IT COULD MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MILD AND WILD SUCCESS. I particularly like the fact that Rhonda uses real-life scenarios throughout the book to help readers relate to the information. And what PR book would be complete without sample press releases, pitch letters and press kits. She provides some excellent examples for both print and electronic media. If you have something to sell, you’re promoting yourself or a business, or you would like a career in the PR field, this book is a must-read.

—Patricia Fry , Executive Director, SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network)